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Fry Brothers is a family business that has been servicing the agriculture industry since the early 1980's. We pride ourselves on selling and stocking only the highest quality crop and pasture products at the lowest possible price. We understand that running a farm or business takes a tremendous amount of work, which is why we are always here for any questions or concerns you may have when it comes to crop protection or range land management. So stop by or give us a call, we can serve all your needs whether you are right here at home or across the country.



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 SideKick is a low-use liquid AMS with added polymers for improved spray deposition. SideKick's polymers also aid in cutting spray foam. SideKick is specifically formulated to buffer hard water minerals, neutralizing ions in water which can tie up herbicides decreasing the efficacy of your herbicide solution.


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Gladiator is our premium buffering agent and chemical activator. Gladiator will neutralize hard water molecules protecting herbicides from the antagonism that can occur in spray mixtures. Gladiator's polymers increase viscosity of tank mixtures for improved target deposition with less spray drift. Lastly, Gladiator's;s natural acids decrease spray solution pH increasing herbicide leaf penetration.


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Levity is a low-use dry AMS buffering agent with additional natural acids to give increased performance to your spray additives. Levity will increase the performance of your herbicides where AMS is required.


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Anchor can be used for both dry (urea) and liquid (UAN) forms of nitrogen as well as liquid manure. Nitrogen management is more important today than ever as the cost of nitrogen has steadily increased.


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Riptide is a unique plant health enhancer which can be used on both cereal grains and legume crops. Apply Riptide early at planting or foliar during the growing season. With a low nitrogen carrier, Riptides minerals, plant hormones and enzymes improves plant vigor, and yield. Riptide provides natural hormones and many nutrients not found in other forms of fertilizer.


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Fry Brothers and Agrispan have partnered to offer financing options to our customers.  Agrispan offers both secured and unsecured loans.  For more information on the either the secured or unsecured loan contact us here at Fry Brothers at 402-626-7204.  Applications are quick and easy, and can be done right here with us.  For more detailed information on Agrispan follow the link at the bottom of the page.


Choose the Loan That's Right for You


  • Simple process uses "all in one" Application/Note.
  • Best option for borrowers who do not want a lien on the crop.
  • The signed application is the promissory note.
  • The loan is unsecured


  • Application reviewed with first lien or "best lien" option.
  • Best for borrowers seeking a competitive interest rate.
  • Once submitted, your application is reviewed.
  • Upon acceptance, loan documents are forwarded for signature.


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