Fry Brothers and Agrispan have partnered to offer financing options to our customers.  Agrispan offers both secured and unsecured loans.  For more information on the either the secured or unsecured loan contact us here at Fry Brothers at 402-626-7204.  Applications are quick and easy, and can be done right here with us.  For more detailed information on Agrispan follow the link at the bottom of the page.


Choose the Loan That's Right for You


  • Simple process uses "all in one" Application/Note.
  • Best option for borrowers who do not want a lien on the crop.
  • The signed application is the promissory note.
  • The loan is unsecured


  • Application reviewed with first lien or "best lien" option.
  • Best for borrowers seeking a competitive interest rate.
  • Once submitted, your application is reviewed.
  • Upon acceptance, loan documents are forwarded for signature.


Click HERE to apply.

Agrispan - 866-822-7402

Fry Brothers - 402-626-7204